annabelle, 17 months

it’s hard to believe another month has gone by. we’re getting so excited for spring over here. our little adventurer loves being outside, so the next few months are going to be such a treat for her {and us}! here’s what’s new with annabelle and our family this month.

we’re going through a bit of a daycare aversion phase. annabelle moved up to the toddler room last week and gets really sad when we drop her off everyday. ken reports she’s happy when he picks her up, and i can’t imagine she stays sad for too long, but it still makes my mama heart break a little. any parents experience something similar? please tell me it really is just a phase!

in funny words this month, annabelle says ‘monkey’ but it sounds like ‘mama’ and ‘doggy’ but it sounds like ‘dada’. ken thinks it’s hilarious when we go to the zoo and she points out the big, hairy ‘mama’s’. hilarious.

speaking of phases, we’re also going through a major daddy phase. annabelle has finally realized that ken is way more fun that me and let’s be honest, i’m surprised it took her this long!

annabelle is able to communicate much more and we’ve found out she’s a bit demanding. when ken is holding her she likes to point him around the house like her own personal chauffeur. and when ken and i are sitting on the couch, or at the dinner table {or anywhere really}, and she’s on the ground she demands we get ‘down’. sometimes even once we’re down she’d like us down further, so we end up laying on the ground. last night she demanded that we ‘go’ outside for about 30 minutes before bedtime. she just kept saying ‘go’ over and over again, while staring at her coat hanging in the mudroom. she did not appreciate that it was raining, and she was wearing footie pajamas as logical reasons why we could not ‘go’.

we just love the little person she’s becoming and can’t imagine life without her!



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    Love the bits about her being demanding lmao. I’m sure it’s fun to see her personality more and more 🙂 And it will continue to develop and change too!