blair waldorf called

She wants her headband back. Now that my amazing jokes are out of the way, on to this cute look!

When you live in Michigan and you’re in the thick of winter, there comes a time when anything above thirty degrees outside feels warm. If that sounds sad, it sort of is. But I’ll take whatever silver lining I can get.

These photos are from a little day date that Ken and I went on last week. I had gotten this headband a few days earlier and couldn’t wait to wear it out. It seems I go in stages with hair accessories and I’m feeling very into them right now. Perhaps because of this new years resolution.

And while we’re here I have a funny story about this dress. I picked it out to wear on Christmas day and as we were getting ready Ken asked if I wanted him to steam what I was wearing. I had it hanging backwards {which I thought was frontwards} and when he handed it to me {wrinkle free!} I was like, ohhhh, the ties go in the back! That could have been a small wardrobe malfunction. Husbands are so helpful sometimes.

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