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Let’s be honest – it’s hard enough to find good jeans when you’re not pregnant let alone finding a good pair for an ever changing, ever growing body. It’s something I’ve always struggled with in general {insert vivid memory of me crying in the junior department dressing room at Macy’s when I was 13 because I could not find one pair of jeans that fit me} and it’s why in my adult years I’ve definitely been drawn to dresses and skirts over jeans and pants. However, there are a lot of times when jeans are just the most practical option {like during a winter pregnancy, for example} and if you find yourself pregnant in almost any season you’re going to want a good pair of maternity jeans.

So what are your options? When searching for maternity jeans there are a few things to keep in mind.

What cut is going to work for you?

Early on in my pregnancy up until about 24 weeks I preferred my maternity jeans with a low panel. The panel goes under your bump and allows your waistline to expand without being too tight and uncomfortable. They’re sort of like jeggings but with more support. Some women are able to wear under the bump maternity jeans their entire pregnancy but I’m not one of them. I’m carrying this babe really low and the panel isn’t as comfortable now that my bump has nearly reached the third trimester.

My favorite under the bump maternity jeans:

About halfway through my pregnancy I started to prefer full panel maternity jeans. These definitely offer more support for a growing bump and are the most comfortable version of maternity jeans. The only problem with over the bump maternity jeans is that early on in your pregnancy they probably won’t fit snugly over your bump. In my experience before my belly was fully “formed” my full panel jeans would fall down and just seemed too big overall. Don’t worry though, that will change quickly and these babies will carry you through to the end! In both of my pregnancies the best overall maternity jean I’ve found has got to be these. They’re super comfortable, stylish to the point that you might not even know they’re maternity jeans, and very budget friendly.

Where are you wearing your jeans?

Are you a stay at home mom who wears jeans everyday? Are you looking for something a bit more chic for date night? Are you one of the lucky ones that can wear jeans to work like me? Since you’re only going to be wearing your maternity jeans for a short amount of time in the grand scheme of your denim wearing life you’re going to want to maximize their wearability. I’d recommend a few pairs of basic jeans which should be more than enough to last your pregnancy. Here’s a rundown of the maternity denim I have purchased for this pregnancy:

  1. White denim. I wanted something that was a bit trendy but could be worn in many different ways. White denim is classic but can make an outfit stand out a bit more – which was exactly what I was looking for.
  2. Black denim. Perfect for the office, girls nights, date nights, and the weekends – perhaps the most versatile denim you can buy {and a step above leggings}. This pair {under $50} has definitely been a favorite – I love that it has the high panel but you can also tuck something into the front of the jeans. It’s the cutest feature.
  3. Distressed denim. Ripped jeans are not for everyone but they’ve found their way into my heart {and closet} and it’s hard to imagine my life without them. Since I’m able to wear them to the office they’re definitely worth the investment to me, even though my favorite pair are under $50 {and on sale}!

What’s your budget?

Maternity jeans, like every other item of clothing, come in many different price points. Some people swear by more expensive options from brands they already love like Paige, Frame, or AG. Admittedly I’m not one to spend a ton on non-maternity jeans so it wouldn’t really be my style to invest in expensive maternity options. If it’s your first pregnancy {and you think you might have more babies someday} or you are someone who wears jeans everyday investing in a higher end pair might be the right decision for you. As with any investment piece I would recommend you go into a store to try on a few options before you decide. If you’re shopping online definitely read reviews – it’s likely other mamas were looking for the same things you are!

Whatever pair{s} you end up with one thing is unanimous, you won’t want to eat Thanksgiving dinner in regular jeans again. Does anyone remember that Friends episode where Joey puts on Rachel’s maternity jeans? I totally get it now! Seriously though, I remember wearing my first pair of non-maternity jeans a few weeks {ok maybe months} after my pregnancy with Annabelle – we were at our friends house for a holiday party and I had gone to use the restroom. I went to pull down my jeans and was so confused as to why they weren’t coming off. Well, it was because they had to be unbuttoned {duh}. My mom brain had forgotten how real pants functioned. Yep.

Good luck, ladies! Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. xo

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Old Navy tunic {non-maternity, wearing a medium}, Jessica Simpson maternity jeans, Dolce Vita booties {similar}, Sole Society bag {similar}, BaubleBar earrings


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