my favorite winter boots

Living in a state that experiences snow, rain, and all sorts of cold for at least half of the year {or more, we all know it’s more} you would think I would have my cold weather essentials down. I should be writing the book on how to dress for cold weather, given my 33ish years of experience and all. However it’s something I struggle with every year. So often for me cute wins out over functional and I regret it almost instantly but this year I vowed to be better. Much to my surprise I kept to it and invested in two pairs of boots that are functional and cute. Take that, winter!

I’ve been sort of off of the UGG bandwagon for some time but when I came across this pair I was intrigued. I actually received them as a Christmas present from Ken and I couldn’t have been more thrilled on Christmas morning when they fit and were the comfiest, cutest, waterproof boots I’ve ever worn.

The cold is brutal but Michigan sure is pretty in every season.

I also received this sweater as a Christmas present {thanks mom}! It’s so soft and super flattering. I love how lightweight it is, perfect for layering.


The other pair of boots I’ve been wearing when the weather is a bit more inclement are these. It’s nice to have a lighter pair for walking around and running errands and a heavier pair for trudging through snow. Have you found a pair of boots that are cute and functional? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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