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Hi friends! I wanted to share a few photos from the past couple weekends. They didn’t seem to fit into their own post but I definitely wanted you to see them. We are living our best lives this summer and soaking in every bit of sunshine. The term working for the weekends has never rang more true!

Annabelle lives for being outside lately. I feel you girl!

A watermelon stained shirt and playing with mama’s hat. Feels like summer.

Caught in the middle of our picnic. I could eat a turkey sandwich and chips for lunch every day for the rest of my life {and Ken probably wishes I would because it’s a lot cheaper than the sushi I splurge on sometimes}.

Our first born, Juneau the husky.

They don’t have what I would call a close relationship but they’re definitely learning to tolerate each other {it only took two years}.

I shared this photo on Instagram but it’s worth saying it again, just before Ken snapped this photo Annabelle said, “Daddy, take a family picture!” If you’re not already familiar, that babe next to Annabelle is Sarah.

My beautiful peonies. They bloomed for exactly eleven days. Does anyone have any tips to keep them going for longer?

I snagged this cute top when Anthropologie had their sale on sale a few weeks ago. It’s the perfect breezy option for ice cream runs. My earrings are from Lark and Love, a Detroit based jewelry company! Their prices are so reasonable and they have free shipping so really wherever you live you should be shopping with them! How cute is this crossbody bag?

Speaking of babies, this one is Lena. She’s a hand-me-down from my 20 year old sister. I’m pretty sure she was just as terrifying when she belonged to her.


We discovered the cutest ice cream shop last weekend. If you live in the area it’s a must, I got a double cone with bumpy cake and banana pudding ice cream. So much yes.

Last week we were invited to an event at The Skip to celebrate the launch of two new flavors of Pepsi’s 1893 cola. It was such a fun weeknight date night and Ken and I both agreed we’ll be back!

It was our first time seeing the new QLINE up close. I can’t wait to ride with with Annabelle. 

Our sweet girl started ballet! She’s very undecided about her feelings on it. She loves the leotard, tights, and shoes that she’s required to wear but has a bit of anxiety about the class itself and the fact that I can’t participate with her. Regardless of the outcome I’m so glad she’s trying something new.

From our carousel ride at the Birmingham fair. I wanted Annabelle to ride a horse but she was adamant that we sit together in this seat. I love when she wants to be right next to me!

How have you been spending the first few weeks of summer? I’d love to hear!

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