my week in five

A series documenting five things from my week.

a great midday snack under 200 calories | my week in five on

1.What I ate: Being the cold weather wimp that I am, I sent Ken to Costco last weekend alone for fear of literally turning into an ice cube if I left the house. I was pleasantly surprised when he returned with these adorable salami and cheese snack packs. At only 200 calories each they’re the perfect thing to grab when I’m feeling hungry in the afternoon or evening.

madewell embroidered track trousers | my week in five on

2.What I wore: I’ve been shopping a few amazing post holiday sales and I picked up these track pants for a great price at Madewell. I love that I can dress them up or down and they’ll be just as functional in the spring as they are in the winter. Side note, I definitely need to clean that mirror this weekend.

how shipt grocery delivery is changing my life | my week in five on

What I tried: Shipt is changing my life. As discretionary income goes we try to not spend much on non-essential services. We don’t have a cleaning person, we try to limit dry cleaning, and up until we moved in to our new house we’ve never had a lawn or snow removal service. But after hearing a few coworkers rave about Shipt we decided the $100/year would be a worthwhile investment in our time. Here’s the gist: after creating an account you create your grocery list and a Shipt shopper shops for you at a local store and delivers your groceries to your front door, usually within an hour {or during your defined delivery window}. An annual membership is $100 and that gets you unlimited free delivery on orders over $35. For a busy mom who previously did most of her grocery shopping during her lunch hour, I’m forever grateful.

what to do if your pipes freeze | my week in five on

What I learned: Our new house is prone to pipes freezing. Last weekend  around 3am {after Annabelle woke up in the middle of the night for no discernible reason} I went to the bathroom and realized there was no water coming out of either faucet in our vanity. I woke Ken up and he sprung into action, gathering space heaters and ensuring the frozen pipe was as exposed to the warm air as possible. After about 12 hours the pipe was unthawed and now we know to leave a slight trickle of water running when the temp drop down into the single digits.

cupcakes and cashmere lace shorts found on ebay | my week in five on

Find of the week: These adorable Cupcakes & Cashmere shorts. Every once in a while I get the itch to peruse eBay and this week I scored big. These shorts are perfect to wear now with a pair of tights underneath and will definitely be a staple this summer. I got them for $23 + $2 shipping.

What I did last week.

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