our gender neutral nursery

I’m so excited to finally share the nursery for our sweet second babe. Having designed and decorated a gender neutral nursery once before for Annabelle, I was definitely looking forward to doing it again. I wanted the space to feel classic but unique and I think we definitely pulled that off. Just like with Annabelle’s nursery, we have a great starting point but also left room to further customize the room when we know who exactly has been occupying my belly for the last nine months. Read on for all of the details and sources!

The crib sheet really started my entire vision for this room. I loved the vibrancy of the orange against the green and decided we should choose a bold, gender neutral color for the walls to really make it pop.

While Ken is typically against lucite I think we both agree that this floor lamp fits perfectly in the space. The curtains and print are both from IKEA.

The dresser is vintage and fits our changing pad and changing supplies perfectly. We used this changing pad with Annabelle and still love it. It wipes clean so easily which is important because it will get dirty a lot. Plus it doesn’t require a changing pad cover so it’s super low maintenance. I did pick up these recently which should make it just a bit more comfortable to lay on. The storage bin is Hearth and Hand.

Since we use cloth diapers we don’t require a traditional diaper pail so instead we’ll use this modern trash can with a reusable pail liner. When we’re done with diapers we’ll be able to re-purpose the trash can somewhere else in our house!

The wooden print and bookshelf are both from IKEA. I haven’t bought very many toys for this baby but I could not resist this sweet bunny when I saw it.

Our crib is the the one we used with Annabelle. We bought it from Walmart a few years ago but it’s also available at Wayfair now. It’s held up really well and I love that we didn’t have to spend a ton to get the look that we wanted.

Once we know the gender of this baby I’m going to wallpaper the wall behind the crib. While I could have done something gender neutral I thought it would be more fun to wait so it can feel a bit more personal. The mirror is from Target.

Newborn tip, you can never have enough blankets or baskets.

Our glider was purchased from Buy Buy Baby when I was pregnant with Annabelle and that handsome fellow is Herman, Ken’s childhood partner-in-crime that I had refurbished for Father’s Day a few years ago.

I totally stole this cute little door knob decoration from Annabelle’s room.

Our ceilings are low so I had to find a ceiling light that didn’t hang, this flush mount is absolutely perfect!

With only days to go before we meet our babe I feel positively giddy that this is the space we’ll be bringing he or she home to. It’s one of my favorite rooms in our house and I have a feeling that the little person that it’s for will be one of my favorites too!

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    Lori whalen

    Super cute and cozy! I love the sheets, so cheerful!

    Chrystal McCart

    so cute! What is the paint colour you used for the walls? It’s beautiful!!

      liz braga

      Thanks so much, Chrystal! The paint color is Hunt Club by Sherwin Willaims. xo

    Kacey Perez

    This space is adorable. LOVE the paint color. I am counting down the days until our next little girl is born and we are wrapping up the nursery. It’s so fun to see how other mamas design their spaces. Congrats on the new little one!

      liz braga

      Thanks so much, Kacey! We ended up having a girl too! xo


    What is the green paint color for the walls? We have been searching for a similar color for over a year now.


    What is the name and brand of the green pain color?

    MK Williams

    Do you mind sharing the paint color you used?! Love it!

      liz braga

      Thank you! The paint color is Hunt Club by Sherwin Williams. xo


    What paint color for the walls-living this!!

      liz braga

      Thank you, Sabrina! It’s called Hunt Club by Sherwin Williams! xx

    Veronic Cardarelli

    Lovely!!!!! Would you remember but any chance the color code and paint brand used? 🙂

      liz braga

      Yes! It’s called Hunt Club by Sherwin Williams! xo


    Did you have to crop the crib skirt at all or did it just hit the perfect height when the crib was in infant mode?

      liz braga

      Hi Ella! It just ended up as the perfect height – I wouldn’t even know where to start if I had to crop it! 😉


    What color green is on the walls? I’ve been looking to do a green room for our daughter but having a hard time finding a color that is close to this.


    HELLO! I cannot for the life of my find the little white bookshelf you said is from IKEA. It is pictured to the right of the crib. Any idea where it maybe could be found? Thank you tons!


    Hi! Did you add the feet to the bookshelf yourself, or does ikea sell that as well? I have never seen it before and love the look.

      liz braga

      Hi! That came with the bookshelf from Ikea – it makes it look so much higher end! xx


    Hi! I too love the hunt club color! We are basically copying your entire room lol. What sheen did you go with? Eggshell?

      liz braga

      Oh gosh I have no idea – I think whatever is standard, probably eggshell! xx


    I fell in love with the color of your nursery the minute I saw it!
    By any chance can you remember the color and where you bought the paint?

      liz braga

      Hi Stephanie! It’s Hunt Club by Sherwin Williams! xx


    Hi! I love the green paint. Do you remember the name of it?


    Gorgeous, gorgeous room! Thank you so much for sharing all this great inspiration. We are going to use this wall color for our baby due in late November. Did you ever add wallpaper? I would love some coordinating wallpaper recs (specific ones or vendors) because our nursery is small and we might want to lighten up one of the walls. We’re having a boy :0)

      liz braga

      Hi Kimberly, congrats! We never did add wallpaper but I love Chasing Paper! Good luck! xo