santa! {i know him!}

nope. we were not having santa. not for one second, not for one photo. but we had a lot of fun before and after meeting the big guy! we went to the birmingham santa house with our friends who have a son just six weeks younger than annabelle. i’m relieved to report he also was not a fan of mr. claus. just wait a few years, kids. we’ll be pulling you away from him! despite the terror in annabelle’s tightly closed eyes, santa was very nice and the experience was free – just a $5 donation to leader dogs. the weather was beautiful so we didn’t mind playing in the park while we waited.

here’s hoping next year we have different results although if we’re being honest, i got exactly what i was hoping for!

on liz: dolce vita boots here and here, jcrew jacket, forever 21 sweater

on annabelle: freshly picked moccasins, cherokee dress

photos by all we are photography.

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