walking on sunshine

Thank you to Zappos for sponsoring this post.

There are few things that are more important to a lady in her ninth month of pregnancy than comfortable footwear. Coincidentally, new moms are also quite tickled by cute shoes that are also sensible – I guess it’s sort of like how not sleeping towards the end of pregnancy is supposed to prepare you for what’s to come. Pushing a stroller and chasing after a toddling baby are no joke, something I learned quickly after having Annabelle. Since shoes are nearly all that fit me right now I’m particularity drawn to them, so when I came across this fancy sneaker I knew they’d be an instant favorite.

I debated between the blush and the silver but decided on the metallic hue just to add a little something extra {and I have a few blush sneakers already}. Once I accomplished lacing them {the struggle is real} I was more than a little surprised at just how comfortable they are. I’ve been trying to stay active up until the end of this pregnancy and these shoes are my new secret weapon.

I love that they’re versatile enough to wear with nearly any outfit. They obviously work for weekends and cruising around town but I’ll also be wearing them to the office with a ponte pant and t-shirt. Zappos has seemingly billions of shoes for everyone in your family but I was particularly impressed with their selection of Rockport shoes for women. Now knowing how comfortable their shoes are I can’t wait to take my mom style up a notch. This cute pair for summer? Yes, please!

Plus, since I could go into labor at any point {please!} Zappos fast and free shipping is particularly useful at the moment. Although let’s be honest I never like to pay for shipping and I always want my purchases tomorrow!

Also, this dress is life and I vow to wear it from now until this baby is on the outside. And even after – I packed it in my hospital bag {full hospital bag post coming this week!!!} to wear home, it’s that perfect!

Do you have an uber comfy pair of shoes that you can’t get enough of? I’d love to hear!

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